• Dynamical Network Biology

    Understanding the dynamics of complex biological and biochemical networks.

    Model 1
  • Host-pathogen Interactions

    Dynamics of Host-Influenza and -HIV interaction networks

    Model 2
  • In Silico Drug Therapy

    Using computational models to predict new drug targets for drug re-purposing and combinatorial drug therapies.

    Model 2
  • Computational Modeling Technology

    Development of technologies for the construction, simulation, and analysis of large-scale computational models.

    Model 3
  • STEM Education

    Integration of STEM fields in Life Science education through computational modeling.

    Model 2
  • Network Biology
  • Host-pathogen Interactions
  • Host-pathogen Interactions
  • Host-pathogen Interactions
  • Host-pathogen Interactions


Our research focus is three-fold:

1) Better understand the dynamics of molecular and cellular mechanisms in complex networks under healthy as well as diseased conditions

2) Development of technologies to enable more efficient utility of computational systems biology, and

3) Implementation of interactive technologies and computational modeling as a means to improve STEM education.



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Helikar T. Kowal B., Rogers J.A. (2013) A cell simulator platform: The Cell Collective. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. DOI:10.1038/clpt.2013.41

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Contact Us

You can find us in the Biochemistry Department located in the Beadle Center.

Beadle Center
1901 Vine St
Lincoln, Nebraska 68503

email: thelikar2@unl.edu
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